Some of its strengths against Apple, Swatch gives some details on future connected watches

The Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch promised last February, he will also be in part connected in the world of watches. Both watches are already in preparation and release is scheduled for the month of May.

Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch, unveiled a few more details on the next connected watches from Swiss manufacturer. In an interview with Reuters, the head of Swatch explained that connected two new watches will be available before the summer. One, the cheapest, will benefit from an NFC chip. Thanks to agreements with UnionPay, a Chinese association of credit cards, a Swiss bank and Visa, this watch should enable to use contactless payment. The second show, which will be sold 135 Swiss francs (about 127 euros), will have for its Bluetooth support and should have a companion application to connect to Android smartphones or … Windows Phone. The Swatch Touch, since it is his name will thus not compatible with the iPhone. A decision to say the least strange. No visual of these two watches were unfortunately released.

The CEO of Swatch also yesterday held a press conference to discuss the current position of its company after the announcement of the Apple Watch, which is not without scaring some manufacturers of Swiss watches. In his words, taken by the newspaper Le Matin, Nick Hayek believes that “shows the band in the art to heart, has too limited space will incorporate the equivalent of a smartphone.” There is therefore no question Swatch to venture into this field. The boss of Swatch however sees the arrival of Apple in the world of watches as a great opportunity for his company. This will include initiating a public who was not wearing a watch in the world of watchmaking.

The Swatch Touch Zero One

Nick Hayek has finally placed great emphasis on the expertise of the business, particularly when it comes to battery cells and batteries. According to him, Swatch is ahead in this sector and to advance evidence autonomy of the next Touch Zero One, a watch connected to the volleyball players, who would need to be recharged as every nine months. “The battery industry, in terms of yet crucial question of autonomy, long stagnant,” he said, but added that this did not concern Swatch, which already invests in recent years the domain.