Sony account reinstate the Stamina mode under its Xperia Marshmallow

Removed from the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the power saving mode Sony will soon return. That should please fans of the Stamina mode.

During the upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Sony devices have lost a very popular feature of the users: the Stamina mode. This integrated power saving mode with the Xperia Z range was considered redundant by Sony with Doze, the Google system integrated with the latest version of Android and to avoid over-consumption when the device is in Eve.

Sony nevertheless wished to meet its disgruntled fans by promising the return of this feature. We must therefore expect an update Marshmallow reviving the Stamina mode. “We do not deployment date,” the Japanese manufacturer, “but the function will be well provided for members of the Xperia Beta program in the near future.” Of course, other Xperia users will benefit from the energy saving mode later when it is perfectly adapted to Android 6.0.

Recall that the Stamina mode can operate in any conditions, and to instantly cut the communications network since the smartphone screen or tablet is off. The Doze Mode meanwhile brought the device into deep sleep after an hour of inactivity, which does not save much energy. Suffice to say that the return of the Stamina Mode should please a lot of users and their battery.