Sony can turn your (beautiful) glasses smartglasses

Less publicized Google for his research on the subject, Sony yet working for several years on creating connected glasses. The SmartEyeglass have especially been seen at MWC 2014 and were provided with an SDK for developers last few weeks. Yet the Nippon returns today with another device to bias interesting: a module connected to fix on traditional glasses.

And if, instead of trying to create more glasses to more or less debatable aesthetic, glasses were connected as conventional glasses which we would set a module connected? In addition to his research on a more comprehensive solution, Sony today introduced its removable module at opposite of what Google offers with its Google Glass. This is of two parts each secured to one arm of the spectacles and interconnected to a cable. The first serves as board computer, since it includes the processors, sensors, WiFi chip and Bluetooth, all needed to connect the glasses to a phone. In front of the eye, there are an optical drive and a micro-OLED display of 640 x 400 pixels, Sony promises that the insured experience is equivalent to projecting an image of 16 inches to two meters away. weight aside, the whole weighs 40 grams and loads a battery of 400 mAh, which unfortunately makes us fear for its independence.

Rather than a permanent use, Sony seems to aim occasional use, reserved for specific activities. Its connected module is featured as a prop for athletes, for example cyclists who will benefit from viewing the map on their glasses. One can also think of medical uses, also highlighted by Google as part of its Google Glass.

Good news, the Sony module will be shown to the public at CES, on 5 January. So we can tell you more about this module the Japanese hopes to mass produce in the course of 2015. By then, Google will certainly have unveiled details of its upcoming Google Glass.