Sony offers the Android Developer Preview 4 N on the Xperia Z3

Barely deployed on Google Nexus, the Android Developer Preview 4 N also calls on other smartphones: the Xperia Z3.

For several months, Google offers developers to download and install on their Nexus early version of Android N, the next upcoming version. This beta is recently in its fourth version, and brings a lot of novelties. But the Nexus are not the only beneficiaries.

Indeed, Sony wants to stand on the deployment of this update and also offers this version of his series of Xperia Z3. Those who have already installed the first beta iterations of this report, moreover, that the update is already available in OTA. Others can in turn download the correct version from the Sony website.

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The presence of this version of the Xperia Z3 is a good thing for end users which can then expect a final version very soon after its release, a minimum form of alternative ROM.

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