Soon Chromebook and Chromebase equipped with a Tegra X1?

It seems that Chrome OS is preparing for Chromebooks feature a Tegra X1 SoC from Nvidia. In any case that suggests the source code from Chromium OS, the open source project based on Chrome OS.

The Tegra X1 was announced by Nvidia last January at CES. This is an extremely powerful SoC that has an octa-core processor and a graphics chip Maxwell after the PC world. This is the SoC that are found in the new Shield Console. The chip could also take place in connected and autonomous cars and why not in the drone. One could also find them in Chromebooks. It is indeed that suggests the source code from Chromium OS.

The site CNX Software has indeed found traces of T210 chip Tegra X1 corresponding to certain portions of the source code. The developers are currently integrating the Nvidia SoC support in Chromium OS, which will in future offer machines Chrome OS architected around a Tegra X1. There would be two different platforms: smaug and foster. It is therefore possible to find in the future a Chromebook and Chromebox Tegra X1.

Such power is not necessarily required for all users. However, with the ability to run more and more Android apps in Chrome with Google CRA, it becomes interesting to have a powerful machine to allow you to launch applications or intensive games.