Sosh sponsorship: a few days to have 2 months free

If the first half of 2014 saw operators fight fiercely with blows of major promotions, it is clear that since September, things have calmed down. There remains little more than Red and Virgin to do promotions. Maybe it’s because they have less developed than Bouygues Telecom and Orange networks.

If Orange rarely promotions, Sosh is already more inclined to make and for some time, the brand has established a system of sponsorship to recruit clients. Each sponsorship, the sponsor gets one month free package and the godson two months. Unfortunately, all good things must end, and the operation ends on 30 November.

If you want a package on a good quality network (the first 4G network tied with Bouygues Telecom), so it’s time to hurry. It can especially be noted that the package 5GB is less at Sosh (€ 24.99) while it is € 25.99 and € 29.99 at Red Bouygues Telecom (ex B & YOU).

link to the sponsorship page

link to the page of Sosh deals