Sosh: tomorrow, 10 euro discount on its main data plans

Sosh just launched in the price war currently raging in the French market. Tomorrow, it will offer 10 euro discount on its packages to 19.99 euros and 24.99 euros.

After Free Mobile and Bouygues Telecom, which have both offered their main data plans without obligation 3.99 euros, behold Sosh (re) launches him as the price war. Tomorrow, the low cost operator Orange will apply 10 euro discount on its two main packages, as in his latest promotion dating back to last December. Specifically, the packages 19.99 and 24.99 euros including calls, unlimited SMS and MMS as well as 5 and 10 GB of data respectively will move to 9.99 and 14.99 euros.

#meetupsosh Promo #Sosh up tomorrow: -10 € on all packages with data (even 4p) (until 20/04)

– SosherZ (@SosherZ_) April 6, 2016

As Christmas on packages € 19.99 and € 24.99 will be -10 to Christmas as well as on mobile packages / Livebox from 30 €! #meetupsosh

– Mr. Pierre Mickael (@Toximityx) April 6, 2016

Price war forces, this offer is only valid for new customers. It should only be effective for one year and after that period, prices will return to normal. The offer will begin tomorrow, April 7 and will end on April 20.

Loyal customers will be entitled only anecdotal benefits

The big losers are often as those who have not changed operator in recent months. Sosh however, should announce new for these loyal customers. Members of the community invited to the operator, and say Sosh will review its system of sponsorship from 21 next April and offer two months free to sponsor, but also offer one or more free options to customers who have one or more years of seniority. Their flash sales will also be reserved. All details should be revealed tomorrow.

The sponsorship is changing from April 21 to @Sosh_fr and the sponsor will now 2 months free. #meetupsosh

– Mr. Pierre Mickael (@Toximityx) April 6, 2016

#meetupsosh #fidelite monthly flash sale for subscribers (one starts with a galaxy S6)

– SosherZ (@SosherZ_) April 6, 2016

Loyalty is rewarded at @Sosh_fr. Depending on the age (per year) free option for 1 month (½) #meetupsosh

– Mr. Pierre Mickael (@Toximityx) April 6, 2016

(2/2) month anniversary of his client. #meetupsosh if the client has two years of seniority will have the option for 2 months etc .. Limit 3 years!

– Mr. Pierre Mickael (@Toximityx) April 6, 2016

This new price drop decided by Orange is in total contradiction with the words of its CEO. Yesterday, Stéphane Richard stated: ‘I make you a bet, however, that prices will rise. There will be agitation, but no price war. The promotions will stop, it’s a lot of money wasted for a few million consumers a total of 60 million. Customers that you earn in March were lost in April. Different actors will simply no longer afford to burn fuel in the incinerator of the price war. ” Do what I say …

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