Soulcraft: more compatibility and a new place

Soulcraft is available in beta for free from the beginning of the year on Android. This action-RPG game has surpassed the 100 000 downloads bar, a success because the game was only compatible with very few Android configurations.

Today Soulcraft just received an interesting update. First, the game is compatible with many devices, I tested on ZTE Skate, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, HTC Sensation, Motorola RAZR, Motorola Xoom, etc.

Second, the game still in beta and always free just received a new location: the Great Wall of China. The development studio will continue to provide updates on this beta.

Soulcraft – Action RPG

MobileBits GmbH


The game will then be available on Windows Phone, iOS and PC (Windows 7 and 8?).