Space Ark THD, a jumping game of a particular kind

Ark in Space THD, it is not so much the gameplay that makes the universe smile. The game passes near the box “unusual” or enters squarely, everyone to judge.

A dog with a jet-pack, bouncing on a trampoline to reach crystals and catch fruits on a hologram. That’s the quick summary of the Space Ark THD gameplay. In detail, the character is a dog browsing planets, aboard a rocket. The goal is to terraform (that is to say, to change the atmosphere and environment of the planet). For this, the gigantic screen resembling a futuristic holographic screen, pink crystals are arranged, as well as fruit, bouncy clouds and exit doors.

The gameplay is gyroscopic, meaning you tilt the tablet in one direction or another to bounce your character. The trampoline is still in the dog but you have to catch the falling fruit ground before they hit the ground, a challenge given the inertia of the trampoline, which takes forever to change direction and begins to slide full speed.

You can also order the trampoline by pressing a finger on it and dragging your finger from right to left. but accuracy is not greater because the trampoline’s just moved in the direction, it does not follow your finger. To activate the jetpack, we must remain pressed the screen, so you choose your configuration according to your preferences.

The game, available for devices running Tegra is free. It requires a device running Android 3.0 and 114 MB of free space.

Space Ark THD

Strawdog Studios