Splash Car is a Splatoon on wheels available on Android

Splash Car is a car game whose aim is to paint as soon as possible play areas. A principle that is reminiscent Splatoon, one of the last license from Nintendo.

No way to bother with a scenario Splash Car. At the controls of a car, in top view, the goal is simply to cover the playing area, a residential area often all that is most American colors. A task that is complicated given that nasty police cars will stand in the road and that the fuel gauge his own vehicle down very quickly.

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Splash Car is very easy to learn, it requires only two thumbs: one to turn right and the other left. Orders are understandable in seconds or so long to have fun. One quickly understands the need to collect gas cans to be able to cover more than 70% of the surface of the playground and bonuses help make the game a little easier.

I will be in any case a little less enthusiastic about its business model. If Splash Car is free to download, it includes the usual lot of frustrations, advertising and in app purchases. An energy system limits the number of playable parts in time, advertisements are proposed systematically at the end of each party and in-app purchases can unlock new vehicles faster (and remove ads if needed) .

Still, it is possible to unlock easily and naturally new cars with ingame currency. Developers seem to have found a balance, in any case, nothing that really come to spoil the fun of the game.

Splash Cars