Spotify 3 months of premium subscription for 0.99 euro

Spotify has just relaunched its promotional offer for its premium subscription for 0.99 euro. In addition, the subscription music streaming service takes a fee of 9.99 euros per month. It must be new premium customer to take advantage of the offer.

Last May, Spotify launched a particularly interesting promotional offers for new premium customers. Indeed, the subscription to 9.99 euros per month while going to 0.99 euro for 3 months. The famous streaming service takes advantage of the Christmas period to revive this offer.

An offer reserved for new customers

To enjoy 3 months of Spotify Premium for 0.99 euro, must never have used a Premium subscription. This offer aims new entrants to the service and users with a free account and are never passed through the Premium box.

Spotify Premium subscription includes a single access. You can add multiple accounts to have several simultaneously access with the option family launched last year. You will have to pay 5 euros extra per account per month, up to maximum of 5 accounts.

Spotify, the music streaming leader

The Spotify catalog now exceeds 30 million tracks, with 1.5 billion available playlists, 75 million active users including 20 million Premium subscribers. No doubt this new offering will allow Spotify to recruit more subscribers, and even do a little more shade to competitors like Deezer has just launched a family offer for Orange customers or Apple Music which placed on the market in very little time and allows to use the service by 6 people for 14.99 euros per month.

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