Spotify considering considerably restrict its free access

Spotify could see free conditions of access to its service early next year. Under pressure from the music industry majors, Spotify is considering a way to limit the playing time free users and encourage them to take a subscription.

Complimentary Spotify he soon belong to the past? No, but the leaders of Spotify count limit seriously so as to encourage users to take a paid subscription. It is reported that the sources of the site Digital Music News, which indicate that from early next year, Spotify will limit their plays and set up a model “premium only” or block certain content.

According to these sources, Spotify has not decided exactly how. A number of ideas were thrown and one of them is to ensure that users of the free version of Spotify only have access to one or two songs of a popular album while paying subscribers have unlimited access. Another scenario would be to book the contents of Spotify only to paid subscribers, or at least allow them access only to popular music for a limited period.

Nothing has been decided at the top of Spotify and it is possible that intermediate solutions are in place. This would meet two objectives: to encourage users to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription and realize more revenue with music’s most popular artists. According to sources Digital Music News, Spotify wants’ non-paying users feel they are missing something and not only they listen to music interspersed with advertising. ”

Behind this model change, the pressure of the majors

Behind this change in strategy, we should see the arrival in early 2016, is hiding in fact pressure from the music industry majors, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group etUniversal Music Group. This is indeed the month of October as Spotify and the majors need to renew the operating agreement music. Now, less than two months of this renewal, nothing has been signed and bear the majors less free access that allows Spotify to three quarters of its users.

Also according to sources Digital Music News, the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, balks at the idea of ​​restricting access to Spotify to non-paying users. But the approach of the deadline will force it to bend in one way or another to the majors requirements. Suffice to say that we should still hear about in the coming weeks.