Spotify is now integrated with Shazam

The music streaming platform Spotify is compatible with Shazam for several days. You can play songs directly from the music recognition application.

In recent days, the Shazam application is updated, bringing with it a new feature rather interesting. Through a partnership signed between the two companies, it is now possible to listen to songs via Spotify Shazam. For this, it is very simple you have provided at least subscribed to Spotify trial. With each song offered on the Shazam app is affixed a play button, but pressing the arrow to the right, you can directly select the streaming platform. Once done, the title can be read via Spotify, directly on Shazam.

Users can also add a song found on Shazam to their Spotify playlist. What will avoid tedious research stages, or that some pieces you like moldy not in the “My Shazam” the application. Note that Shazam is already a partner in the Google Play Music and Deezer, just to satisfy everyone.


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