Spotify Radar: the recommendation algorithm evolves, for the happiness of its customers

If you enjoy playlist Discoveries of the week, you’ll love the Radar playlist for Spotify. This is to offer every week new artists of the most followed and most listened to by the user. A playlist again customized with powerful algorithms Spotify.

audio streaming services are no longer just music catalogs. They are increasingly based on content curation systems that use powerful algorithms to offer the user to discover new artists or securities to transcend it. Since last year, Spotify Playlist proposes Discoveries of the week, which is updated every Monday to offer a personalized playlist for each user. It contains songs that the listener does not usually listen, but that should please him. In practice, it works, and it works rather well. Spotify continues to use its algorithms for a new service: Radar.

Radar is a custom playlist, which is updated every Friday. It is this time not to miss any album release new titles or listened to or followed by the user artists. Spotify says even he can sometimes be “new discoveries based on your recent listening habits.” The streaming service becomes more and more intelligent, to allow the user to focus on listening and delegate to the platform the work of curation and research.

The domination of Spotify

Coupled with audio Chromecast using Spotify expected to discover its users to new groups or new titles. A question now arises: Spotify he will one day pay the artists to be better “referenced” in these custom playlists? With 100 million subscribers (about 30 million paying customers), Spotify is the greatest streaming music service in the world, before Apple Music with 15 million paying subscribers, but still lags heavy losses (173 million euros in 2015) despite a turnover of 2 billion euros.

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